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Associate Research Professor

Contact Information
1630 East University Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85721
Tel: (520)626-5389







What we have done lately:

  • 09/01/16: Invited speaker at the SPIE "Organic Photonics + Electronics" symposium. "Light Manipulating Organic Materials and Devices III" conference. Link
    Paper title "Mechanisms for the reciprocity failure in photorefractive polymers".
  • 06/11/16: Invited speaker at the IEEE Summer Topical Meeting on "Photonic Hardware Accelerators and Neuro-inspired Computing". Link
    Paper title "All-Optical Graphical Models for Probabilistic Inference".

  • As well as: D. Nguyen et al. "An Optical Ising Machine Based on Multi-core Fiber Lasers", invited paper at the IEEE Summer Topical Meeting.
  • 04/26/16:  M. Ghobadi et al. "ProjecToR: Agile Reconfigurable Datacenter Interconnect", accepted for the ACM SIGCOMM 2016 conference (Brazil, August 2016). Link
  • 03/08/16: OSA Nonlinear Optics Technical Group Event co-chair for 2016. Link
  • 12/09/15: Participation to the "OSA Optical Computing Incubator", Washington DC. Link
  • 11/30/15: P.-A. Blanche et al., "Special Section on the Interface of Holography and MEMS", SPIE, JM3, J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS. 14 (4), (2015). Link
  • 10/26/15: NSF Science 360 video on "Like being there: The next generation of 3-D holograms". Link
  • 10/15/15: P.-A. Blanche et al., "Reconfigurable Diffractive Optical Switch", patent US 2015/0293308 issued. Link
  • 09/05/15: P.-A. Blanche et al., "Advance in photorefractive  polymers and application", SPIE Proceedings, volume 9564, (2015). Link


  • 08/10/15: Participation to the 13th International Photorefractive review meeting (Jekyll Island, GA), sponsored by the US Air Force.
  • 05/02/15: Congratulation to the Engineering Capstone Team for their work on "Design and demonstration of a head-up display", and being awarded two prizes:
    - II-VI Optical Systems Award for Best Use of Optical Design and Technology.
    - Honeywell Award for Excellence in Aerospace Electronic System Design.

    Team members: Adam Blumer, Erick Leon, Matthew Hart, Michael Green, Nick Paco, Stephania Vasilieva.

    Project sponsored by Honeywell.
  • 04/29/15: B. Lynn et al., "Real-time imaging of chromophore alignment in photorefractive polymer devices through multiphoton microscopy", MRS Communications, vol. 5, issue 2, pp 243-250, (2015). Link

  • 04/16/15: The peer-review system of scientific publication relies on scholars to review manuscripts. Although we are doing it for the benefit of the entire community, it is still nice to be recognized with a certificate of appreciation as I received from OSA. pdf

  • 04/15/15: SPIE JM3 the Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS is having a special issue on MEMS and holography. See the call for paper here:

    Manuscript due date is May 15th.
  • 03/02/15: The NSF tblr page, as part of the International Year of Light, features the holographic 3D display: Link

  • 01/27/15: Brandon O'Shea, share "My Experience with the Hooked on Photonics REU at UA" on the CIAN webiste. Link

    Credit photo: John de DiosL

  • 01/01/15: A. Miles et al., "7 x 7 DMD-Based Diffractive Fiber Switch at 1550nm" Optics Communications, vol. 334, pp 41-45, (2015). Link


  • 11/14/14: Benjamin Cromey, one of our undergraduate student received the Astronaut Scholarship, a national award founded in 1986 by six members of the original Mercury 7 mission. The College of Optical Sciences was very fortunate to have a second recipient this year: Travis Sawyer. Read the full story in UANews.

    Image courtesy of Kristin Waller.


  • 10/24/14: Education and outreach is a large part of our daily life at the College. See my REU summer student Brandon O'Shea sharing his experience in this video


  • 10/23/14: P.-A. Blanche "32x32 Port microsecond reconfigurable all-optical cross connect", oral presentation at Frontiers in Optics, Tucson AZ.

  • 07/30/14: P.-A. Blanche, "Holographic 3D Display", chapter 5 in "The booklet of the College of Optical Sciences", M. Mansuripur Ed. Download.

  • 07/13/14: P.-A. Blanche "Fast Non-blocking NxN Optical Switch Using Diffractive MOEMS", Invited talk at the OSA "Advanced Photonics for Communications" congress, Photonics in Switching session, San Diego, California.

  • 06/09/14: Participation at the 12th International Photorefractive workshop (Key Largo, FL), sponsored by the US Air Force.

  • 02/25/14: watch the lessons learned and technical videos produced by Joe Kirsch  from Industrial Editing for the conclusion session of the NSF I-Corps program.

  • 02/17/14: Jim Wyant presents his $10 million gift to the College of Optical Sciences from our holographic 3D lab. See the video on KGUN9
  • 02/05/14: P-A Blanche et al., "Microsecond reconfigurable NxN data-communication switch using DMD", invited talk at SPIE Photonics West, Emerging Digital Micromirror Device Based Systems and Applications VI
  • and B. Lynn et al., "Microsecond regime free-space fiber optical switch: 32-port to 32-port scalable device", Optical interconnects XIV, 8991.
  • 01/21/14: A. Bablumian et al. "System for Holography", Patent  US 8,634,119. Link

  • 01/20/14: "Field Guide to Holography", SPIE press book. Link


  • 01/08/14: J. He et al., "A survey on recent advances in optical communications", Computers and Electrical Engineering, vol. 40, pp 216-240. Link
  • 12/15/13: B. Lynn et al. "Design and Preliminary Implementation of an N×N Diffractive All-optical Fiber Optic Switch", IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, 31 (24), pp 4016 - 4021, December 2013. Link
  • 12/14/13: B. Lynn et al., "Photorefractive polymer for holography", review article, Journal of  Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2014 (52), 193-231, (November 2013). Link
  • 12/06/13: Invited speaker on the CIAN Seminar and Lecture Series, "Drowning the Internet, then saving it: Holographic Display and Switches".
    - Handouts - Video

  • 12/04/13: C. Liebig et al. "Achieving enhanced gain in photorefractive polymers by eliminating electron contributions using large bias fields", Optics Express 21 (25), pp 30392-30400 (2013). Link.
  • 12/02/13: P.-A. Blanche et al., "Digital micro-mirror device as a diffractive reconfigurable optical switch for telecommunication", SPIE Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS (JM3), 13 (1), 011104 (2013). Link

  • 11/15/13: "Holographic NxN Optical switch for Data Communication", I-Corps proposal accepted by the NSF.

  • 10/31/13: P.-A. Blanche et al., Patent application: "Reconfigurable Diffractive Optical Switch" PCT/US2013/06776.
  • 09/25/13: C. M. Liebig et al., "Enhanced gain dynamics in photorefractive polymers", SPIE proceedings 8847, Photonic Fiber and Crystal Devices: Advances in Materials and Innovations in Device Applications VII, 88470A (September 25, 2013). Link

  • 03/23/13: Disney XD team spent two days in our lab for this segment of the Marvel Universe explaining 3D holographic imaging. See the video on youtube.
  • 03/19/13: "UA Researchers Pursuing Holographic Display".
    A story by Heather Wodrich on Arizona Public Media. Link
  • 03/08/13: P.-A. Blanche et al., "DMD as a diffractive reconfigurable optical switch for telecommunication", in SPIE proceedings 8618, "Emerging Digital Micromirror Device Based Systems and Applications V", Michael R. Douglass; Patrick I. Oden Eds, 86180N, March 2013. Link

  • 02/27/13: Two articles published in the Journal of Physics, Conference Series Volume 415: 
    • B. Lynn et al., "Recent advancements in photorefractive holographic imaging", Journal of Physics: Conference Series 415 (2013) 012050. Link
    • P. St Hilaire et al., "Are stereograms holograms? A human perception analysis of sampled perspective holography",Journal of Physics: Conference Series 415 (2013) 012035. Link
  • 02/21/13: Optical switch for data communication project web page uploaded. Link
  • 12/18/12: P.-A. Blanche et al., "Auto Stereoscopic 3D Telepresence Using Integral Holography". Patent  US 8,334,889. Link
  • 12/17/12: P.-A. Blanche et al., "Fast optical switch for data communication applications". Proposal accepted by The University of Arizona Office of Technology Transfer. Link.
  • 12/04/12: P.-A. Blanche et al., "System and method for synchronizing a spatial light modulator with a pulsed laser to record a hologram at the repetition rate of the pulsed laser". Patent  US 8,325,402. Link
  • 06/25/12: Two presentations at ISDH 2012: 9th International Symposium on Display Holography (MIT Media Lab, Cambridge Massachusetts USA)
    • "Are stereograms holograms? A human perception analysis of sampled perspective holography"
    • "Recent advancements in photorefractive holographic imaging"

  • 03/10/12: P.A. Blanche "Toward the Ultimate 3D Display", Information Display, February/March vol.28, No.03. 2012. Link
  • 02/22/12: Panelist in the OSA 3D Display Technology, Perception and Application Incubator Meeting. Link
  • 01/12/12: A. Bablumian et al., "System for holography", patent application 13/041,407, published  on January 12th, 2012. Link
  • 01/12/12: P. P. Banerjee et al., "Time dynamics of self-pumped reflection gratings in a photorefractive polymer", J. Appl. Phys. 111, 013108 (2012). Link
  • 12/13/11: P.-A. Blanche, "Holographic 3D Display for Complex Information Visualization". IDGA, 10 Annual Image Fusion Summit (Washington DC). Link
  • 11/15/11: N. Peyghambarian et al., "Photorefractive polymers for holographic 3-D display". Selected in Optics and Photonics News, "Optics in 2011", Vol. 22, No. 12, December 2011.  Link
  • 11/09/11: N. Peyghambarian, "Updateable Holographic 3D Display for Telepresence". Holo-pack.Holo-print 2011 (Las-Vegas, NV). Link
  • 08/23/11: C. W. Christenson, et al., "Interdigitated coplanar electrodes for enhanced sensitivity in a photorefractive polymer", Optics Letters, Vol. 36, No. 17, September 1, 2011. Link
  • 07/05/11: Peyghambarian, et al., "System and method using a voltage kick-off to record a hologram on a photorefractive polymer for 3D holographic display and other applications". Patent US 7973989 B2, published on 05-Jul-2011. Link
  • 07/01/11: R. A. Norwood et al., Ch6 ,"Photorefractive Polymers for Updatable Holographic Displays", in "Organic Thin Films for Photonic Applications", W. N. Herman, S. R. Flom, and S. H. Foulger Eds, ACS Symposium Series, vol. 1039. Link
  • 06/07/11: "Good practices in laboratory notebooks" short introduction given to the REU students. (Download the presentation).
  • 04/28/11:  Optical and Digital Image Processing, Edited by Gabriel Cristobal, Peter Schelkens, and Hugo Thienpont, Wiley-VCH. Ch.10 "Holographic Visualization of 3D data" and 11 "Holographic Data Storage Technology" by P.-A. Blanche et al.
  • 01/08/11: Today, our community is grieving. A shooting occurred north of town that let 6 people killed and 14 others wounded, including Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims.
  • 11/05/10: Updated images and videos of the holographic 3D display setup including telepresence here.
  • 11/04/10: Watch this video for the explanation of our holographic 3D display technology from UofA News . The video is also visible on YouTube.
  • 11/03/10: Want to know about the different 3D display technologies that exist? Look at this page where I discuss them to the best of my knowledge, and in layman’s terms.
  • 11/03/10: Our article "Holographic three-dimensional telepresence using large-area photorefractive polymer" is published into the Nature journal. Editors selected the our images for the cover of their issue 7320.
  • 10/05/10: Toshiba unveils 3-D TV that doesn't need special glasses. But move more than a few inches to the left or right and the 3D effect is lost..
    More on
  • 09/30/10: Our paper presented at the SPIE photonics west conference entitled "Future of photorefractive based holographic 3D display" is in the top ten of the most frequently downloaded papers from the SPIE Digital Library.
  • 06/13/09: Participation at the 8th International Photorefractive workshop (Sarasota FL) sponsored by the US Air Force.
  • 05/26/10: published an article about our results: "Researchers analyze performance of first updatable holographic 3D display". (see the article).
  • 03/30/10: The Arizona Daily Wildcat published an article about the 3D display:
  • Lose the shades
  • 01/24/10: SPIE Photonics West . Two articles will be presented:
    -- "Future of Photorefractive Based Holographic 3D Display". (see the article)
    -- "Complementary grating dynamics in photorefractive polymers with
    Alq3" (see the article
  • 07/13/09: Participation at the 7th International Photorefractive workshop sponsored by the US Air Force.
  • 02/19/09: Peyghambarian, et al., "System and method using a voltage kick-off to record a hologram on a photorefractive polymer for 3D holographic display and other applications". Patent application 20090046333. Link

  • 02/01/09:
  • KVOA channel 4 covered our research on dynamic 3D display during the Superbowl (unfortunately The Cardinals did not win the game). (see the coverage)
  • 11/09/08:
  • Yahoo! news investigate the  holographic projection CNN presented Tuesday night, during election coverage. Find out what the future might be.
  • 11/06/08: "Scientist: Holographic television to become reality".
  • CNN relay our research on holographic display
  • 09/05/08: Slide show from the "Community Speaker" talk about holographic 3D display given at the College of Optical Sciences. (download ppt)
  • 09/01/08: Science et Vie Junior, a French science popularization magazine with 1.6 million readers, published a 6 pages story about the refreshable holographic display in its vol.228, September 2008 issue. Nice sketches and explanations for non-scientists. (Science et Vie Junior web site)
  • 07/01/08: The rewritable holographic 3D display made the cover of Optics and Photonics News, plus a 6 pages long article, July/August 2008 issue. (download pdf)
  • 06/09/08: Participation at the 6th International Photorefractive workshop (St Augustine FL) sponsored by the US Air Force.



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