Founding Dean, College of Optical Sciences
Professor Emeritus - Optical Sciences

Professor Emeritus - Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Arizona


Educational Background
University of Rochester PhD Optics 1968
  MS Optics 1967
Case Institute of Technology BS Physics 1965


Employment History
University of Arizona
Optical Sciences
Dean 2005-2012
  Director 1999-2005


Professor 1979-2013


Associate Professor 1976-1979
  Assistant Professor 1974-1976
Electrical and Computer
Professor 1989-2013
University of Rochester Board of Trustees 2012-date
Case Western Reserve University Board of Trustees 2010-date
Changchun University Visiting Professor 2005-2010
Veeco Board of Directors 1997-1999
WYKO Corporation President 1984-1997

Board of Directors - Chairman    

ILX Lightwave Board of Directors 1989-2012
Optics 1 Board of Directors 1999-2008
4D Technology Corporation Board Chairman 2002-date
University of Rochester Visiting Professor 1983
CSIRO Visiting Scientist 1983
Itek Corporation

Manager, Optical Engineering   

  Optical Engineer 1968-1974
Lowell Technological Institute

Instructor, Math and Physics    

  Lecturer, Physics 1969-1972
Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Co. Research Assistant 1964-1965 Summers

Professional society affiliations and activities
OSA - Optical Society of America  
     Member 1966-date
     Fellow 1977-date
     Board of Directors 1979-1981
     Executive Committee 1980-1981
     Finance Committee 1980-1981
     Associate Editor, Applied Optics 1983
     Topical Editor, JOSA 1983-1986
     Topical Editor, Applied Optics 1989-1992
     Topical Editor, Optics Letters 1990-1992
     SOAP Committee (Chairman 1993) 1991-1993
     Optical Technology Division Editor, Applied Optics 1992-1997

     Ives Medal Committee

     Investment Committee 2000-2003

     Associate Editor, Optics Express

     Editor-in-Chief, Applied Optics 2006-2008
     Elected to Presidential Chain 2007
         (Vice President 2008, President-Elect 2009, President 2010)  
SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering  



     Associate Editor, Optical Engineering


     Board of Governors


     Governors' Award



1980- date


American Institute of Physics  
     Member 1966-date
OSI - Optical Society of India  
     Lifetime Fellow 2005-date
OSJ - Optical Society of Japan  
     International Advisory Member, Optical Review 1999-date
OSK - Optical Society of Korea  
     Honorary Member 2010-date
U.S. Committee for the International Commission for Optics 1978-1983
American Physical Society  

     Committee on Directed Energy Weapons

Gordon Conference  

     "Holography and Optical Information Processing", Chairman


(First 5 Co-edited with R. R. Shannon)

  • Applied Optics and Optical Engineering, Vol. VII, Academic Press, 1979
  • Applied Optics and Optical Engineering, Vol. VIII, Academic Press, 1980
  • Applied Optics and Optical Engineering, Vol. IX, Academic Press, 1983
  • Applied Optics and Optical Engineering, Vol. X, Academic Press, 1987
  • Applied Optics and Optical Engineering, Vol. XI, Academic Press, 1992
  • Field Guide to Interferometric Optical Testing, SPIE, 2006 (Co-author Eric Goodwin)



  • Election to National Academy of Engineering, 2007.
  • Election to National Academy of Inventors, 2015.
  • SPIE Gold Medal, "For significant contributions to the field of interferometry and optical testing," 2003.  (oemagazine announcement     HTML   PDF)
  • OSA Joseph Fraunhofer Award, "For pioneering work in the development of optical testing technology," 1992.
  • SPIE Chandra Vikram Award, "For pioneering contributions to the field of quantitative interferometric optical testing and for nurturing the invention of phase-measurement interferometer systems," 2010.
  • SPIE Technology Achievement Award (WYKO), "For development of software and instrumentation for optical quality metrology," 1988.
  • R&D 100 Award
               "Model RST Rough Surface Tester," 1993. (WYKO)
               “Phase-Cam 1000 – Fizeau Interferometer,” 2004 (4D Technology)
               “Phase-Cam 4010-MW – Dynamic multiple wavelength interferometer,” 2005 (4D Technology)
               “DX-40 Array Microscope,” 2005 (DMetrix)
  • Photonics Circle of Excellence Award
               Development of multiple-wavelength TOPO, 1988. (WYKO)
               TOPO A/F noncontact surface profiler with autofocus, 1990. (WYKO)
               MicroProbe 3D scanning probe microscope, 1992. (WYKO)
               WYKO rough surface tester, 1993. (WYKO)
               PhaseCam 4000, 2004 (4D Technology).
  • Arizona Technology Council William F. McWhortor Community Service Leader of the Year, 2011.
  • Doctorado Honoris Causa, Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica, Puebla, Mexico, 2008.
  • University of Arizona Technology Innovation Award, 2005.
  • Tom Brown Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award, 2005.
  • University of Rochester College of Engineering Distinguished Alumnus Award, 1994.
  • Case Alumni Association Gold Medal Award, 2014.
  • Arizona "Innovator of the Year" Product Award (WYKO), 1993.
  • University of Arizona College of Business and Public Administration Entrepreneurial Fellow, 1989.

Companies Founded or Co-Founded

  • Wyant Measurement Systems - 1981.
  • WYKO Corporation - 1982
  • DMetrix - 2001
  • 4D Technology - 2002.


Patents, Publications and Invited Talks

10 patents and more than 300 written publications and invited talks on interferometry, holography, and optical testing.



Major advisor of 34 graduated Ph.D. students.

Major advisor of 25 graduated MS students.