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Wooden Library Telescope

Signature Dollond , London

Date circa 1800
Number of Draws 1
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 28.8in 732mm
Main Tube Diameter 2.6in 66mm
Total Length 40.1in 1018mm
Closed Length 37.9in 962mm
Objective Clear Aperture Diameter 2.2in 55mm


This telescope has a round tapered mahogany barrel, painted reddish-brown.  The objective lens is an achromatic doublet and has a push-on cap.  It has a single brass draw with rack and pinion focusing by a thumbwheel.  There are two separate eyepiece tubes, which screw into the draw:

Terrestrial: It has four lenses, contained in a segmented brass tube, with a flared eyecup

Astronomical: It has a Huygens two-lens eyepiece, contained in a short brass tube.  It produces an inverted image.  This eyepiece also has a screw-on flared lens cup containing a sun filter.

It is signed "Dollond * London" on the brass back plate of the barrel.  The telescope mounts on a folding cabriole tabletop stand.   



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