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Folding Galilean Binoculars

Signature R&J Beck Ltd.

86 Cornhill London

Date Circa 1900
Dimensions English Metric
Closed Length 2.5in 63mm
Extended Length 3.5in 88mm
Inter-Pupilary Distance 2.5in 63mm
Objective Clear Aperture Diameter 1.2in 30mm


This pair of Galilean opera glasses has a compact, folding frame.  When folded flat, they fit into a leather case marked "R&J. BECK Ltd.   86 CORNHILL   LONDON."  The top of the frame has a star-shaped marking at the objective end.  The eye lenses slide on a track running into the central frame to adjust for viewing near or distant objects.  A scale beneath the frame numbered 1-6 indicates focusing position.  When in use, a handle folds down for grip.  There are twp pair in the collection, and one comes with a leather carrying case.


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