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Collapsible Galilean Binoculars

Signature Made in France

Date Circa 1900
Dimensions English Metric
Case Length 3.5in 88mm
Case Width 4.4in 112mm
Inter-Pupilary Distance 2.4in 62mm
Objective Clear Aperture Diameter 1.0in 25mm


This pair of binoculars, or opera glasses, has a folding brass cover for the objective lenses.  The cover is trimmed in brown leather.  The objectives are positioned by turning a knob that rotates the lenses from a horizontal to vertical position.  This permits the glasses to be folded to a very compact size.  The objective lenses are achromatic doublets, contained in brass cells.  Focusing is done with a central thumbwheel that adjusts the eye lens' positions.  It is marked "MADE IN FRANCE" between the objective lenses. 






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