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Shagreen Monocular

Signature Ayscough, London

Date Circa 1750
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 2.4in 60mm
Main Tube Diameter 1.7in 43mm
Total Length 4.5in 113mm
Closed Length 2.9in 74mm
Objective Clear Aperture Diameter 1.4in 35mm


This monocular has a short round parallel barrel, made of wood and covered with shagreen.  The single objective lens is non-achromatic.  It has one cardboard draw (without retention), covered in green leather or velum with tooled-on silver-colored floral design.  There is a single eye lens, mounted in a flared eyecup made of a black material that is probably ivory painted or colored black.  The black rings at both end of the barrel are made of the same material.  It is signed "Ayscough   London" on the draw, with the eyecup to the right.


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