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Folding Pocket Opera Glass Reproduction

Signature King Optical Co.

Date Modern Replica
Number of Draws 1
Dimensions English Metric
Length 4.3in 110mm
Width 2.6in 65mm
Thickness 1.1in 29mm
Closed Length    
Objective Clear Aperture Diameter 1.2in 30mm


The monocular has a brass body.  The objective is positioned by opening the two clamshell-like covers and turning the lever, which rotates the objective lens cell from a horizontal to vertical position.  The objective is a single non-achromatic lens.  There is one brass draw, a single eye lens, and a flared eyecup.  Focusing is done by turning a ring mounted on the draw.  It is signed "KING OPTICAL Co.   1891" on the outside of one of the clamshell covers, but it is actually a replica, recently made in India.



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