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Maker Rowsell

Location London
Date Circa 1864
Dimensions English Metric
Magnifier Diameter 5.2in 132mm
Eye Lens Separation 3.0in 75mm
Base Length 16in 405mm
Base Width 9.5in 240mm
Height (collapsed) 3.7in 95mm
Height (open) 21in 530mm


This Rosewood stereographoscope doubles as a stereo viewer and magnifier.  Two lenses are used to view standard stereo cards. The large lens slides on hinged brass arms and can be positioned in place of the stereo viewer to be used as a magnifier.  The stereo cards are placed on an ornate hinged holder with a frosted glass backing.  This slides on a rail to adjust object distance.  The upper section is attached to the base by rear hinges and its inclination can be adjusted with an ornate supporting arm placed in various notches in the base.  In its compact form, the magnifier lens folds into the base.     





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