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Magic Lantern Set

Signature A.W. Gamage Ltd.

Location Holborn, London
Date Late 1800s
Dimensions English Metric
Length 13.8in 350mm


This item is a German-manufactured magic lantern distributed by A.W. Gamage Ltd, based in Holborn, London.  The tin casing has a removable chimney and objective lens.  The objective lens slides in and out of its fitting for focusing.  It includes a kerosene lamp, used to illuminate the image slides.  The lamp is inserted through a hinged door, which is marked "Standard E.P." on a circular seal.  The set comes with 12 hand-painted glass slides depicting Western American frontier themes.  The slides are placed upside down between the lamp and projection lens.  The wooden case includes operation instructions in German, French, and English.  It is marked "The Standard Magic Lantern" in large gold lettering on the case lid.        






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