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Signature Charles G. Bush and Co. 

Location Providence, RI
Date 1873
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 10.3in 260mm
Main Tube Diameter 3.7in 95mm
Total Length 12.5in 318mm




This kaleidoscope has a black hardboard barrel.  The object cell is rotated with a six-spoked brass wheel.  The objective cell has around 30 pieces, most of which are made of colored glass in various shapes.  Some of the glass pieces are fluid-filled and have small bubbles.  It is inscribed "C. G. BUSH & Co.  PROV. R.I.   PATENT REISSUED NOV.11-1873" on the brass object cell, with the objective end to the right.  Charles G. Bush is one of the best known American kaleidoscope makers of the 19th century.  Initially interested in photography, microscopes, telescopes, and astronomy, Bush began producing kaleidoscopes around 1870.  His 1873 and 1874 patents involved unique features of his kaleidoscope design, including liquid-filled objects and the use of color wheels for certain models.    The kaleidoscope is mounted on a turned wooden base, and the base is not original.  This base is likely from a desktop stereo viewer.



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