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Brass Microscope

Maker Unsigned

Date Mid 1800s
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 5.8in 148mm
Main Tube Diameter 1.2in 30mm
Illumination Lens Diameter 1.5in 39mm
Mirror Diameter 1.4in 36mm


This brass compound microscope is mounted on a y-shaped lead-filled foot. It is supported by two flat pillars. The limb is round cross-section on the lower half and square on the upper half. It pivots on trunnions mounted on the bottom of the stage. The body tube slips into a short tube mounted on the bar. Coarse focusing is done by moving by moving a draw tube up and don in the body tube. Fine focusing is with a micrometer knob on top of the limb. There are three very small objectives and they screw into the tapered end of the body tube. They can be used individually or stacked for a variety of magnifications. There are two brass storage canisters for them, marked “1” and “3.” The two Huygenian-type two lens eyepieces slip into the top of the draw tube. The stage is composed of two plates, the upper moveable and the lower fixed. The upper plate, to which the spring clips are attached, can be moved by a joy stick. Mounted between the two stage plates is a wheel with a knurled edge that can rotate the well holding a live box or specimen tray. A condensing lens is mounted above the stage on the bar. There is a substage revolving disc with four stops and a concave mirror is attached to the lower end of the limb. The microscope comes with a mahogany carrying case. The following accessories fit in the case:

1. Two objective canisters

2. Live box

3. Knife and probe

4. Two prepared slides

5. Small eye dropper & corked glass vial

There is no maker’s signature.




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