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Nuremberg Microscope

Maker Unsigned, Germany

Date Early 1800s
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 6.5in 165mm
Main Tube Diameter 1.3in 33mm
Total Height 12.8in 324mm


This Nuremberg Culpeper-style compound microscope is supported by three turned wooden legs, attached to a round wooden base with three bun feet. The support tube is made of cardboard, covered in a textured green material. It has a Bonanni spring stage at its base. The body tube is also cardboard, covered with decorated paper, and it has turned wooden endpieces that provide mounting for the objective and eyepiece lenses. The body tube fits in the support tube and moves up and down for focusing. The objective lens is mounted on the tapered end of the body tube and lens retained by a split brass ring. The body tube cannot be disassembled and so only the eye lens is accessible. It is also held in place with a split ring. The second eyepiece lens is probably located in a separate inner tube. Both the objective and eye lenses have screw-on wooden dust caps. There is a plano mirror in a tiltable wooden mount, attached to the center of the base. It is not signed by the maker.



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