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Large Drum-Type Microscope

Maker Unsigned

Date Circa 1840
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 6.7in 170mm
Main Tube Diameter 1.5in 37mm
Total Height 10.2in 260mm


This large drum-type brass compound microscope has a cylindrical housing, standing on a brass ring. Two sections of the housing are cut away to permit access to the circular stage and allow light to the concave mirror below it. The body tube fits into a tube attached to the top of the housing and slides up and down for focusing. There is one objective lens, stamped “2” and it screws into the bottom end of the body tube. The eyepiece has three lenses and screws into the top of the tube. There is a thin circular plate fastened to the bottom of the stage with screws. Specimen slides are slipped through slots in the housing and held under the stage by the plate. The only accessories are a bone/ivory slide and a glass slide, holding prepared specimens. There is no maker’s signature.


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