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Simple Microscope

Maker R&J Beck, Philadelphia

Date Mid-1800s
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 5.5in 139mm
Main Tube Diameter 0.6in 14mm
Total Height 7.5in 190mm


This simple brass microscope has a pillar that screws into a socket on the lid of its case. For focusing, a rack and pinion moves a rod up and down inside the pillar. A bar is the attached the top of the rod and the three objective lenses screw into the bar. Each lens is a different power and they can be used individually, or stacked in different combinations to give a variety of magnifications. The square stage has a round hole in which a glass, liquid tray, or live box can be positioned. There is an arm that swings out from under the stage, for mounting other accessories, such as the condenser lens. The plano mirror mounts with a pin on the lower part of the pillar. The microscope disassembles to fit in its mahogany carrying box and was designed to be very portable for use in the field.


It comes with the following accessories:

1. Concave glass

2. Specimen tray
3. Condenser lens


It is signed, R & J Beck  Philadelphia, on the pillar and also stamped, R & J Beck  Philadelphia on the socket on the case lid.



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