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Binocular Microscope

Maker R&J Beck, London and Philadelphia

Date Circa 1880
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 15.7in 400mm
Main Tube Diameter 16.0in 406mm
Total Height 16.2in 412mm


This brass binocular microscope is supported on a triangular base, to which the cylindrical limb is attached by a hinged plate. A pin on the bottom end of the limb can be positioned in one of six holes in the base, allowing adjustable inclination from vertical through horizontal. The main body tube is attached to the bar on the limb. Coarse focus is by rack and pinion, moving a telescoping inner section of the upper limb. Fine focus is done with a micrometer knob on the top of the limb. The second body tube is attached at an angle to the side of the main tube. The width of the binocular eyepiece is adjustable with a tandem rack and pinion, mounted on the upper end of the tubes. The Wenham-style prism is held in a small carrier that slips into the side of the main tube, just above the nosepiece. A three lens turret is mounted on a double nosepiece. There are seven objectives, two sets of binocular eyepieces, and one high power eyepiece. The eyepieces are the two lens Huygenian-type. The rotating circular stage has a moveable circular slide carrier with a slide rest. An adjustable iris diaphragm is mounted substage and the plano-concave mirror attaches to the lower limb. It comes with the following accessories:



            “1/8      90 3mm A   R & J BECK LTD”

            “1/4      R & J BECK”

            “1/4      R & J BECK”

            “1/4      6mm A   R & J BECK LTD HAHN COLL”

            “1 IN   R & J BECK,” with brass canister

            “2 IN   R & J BECK”

            “1/12   OIL IMM R & J BECK,” with brass canister

            “1 ½     R & J BECK” canister, no lens


            Two sets of binocular and one high power


The microscope is signed “R & J BECK 11085   LONDON & PHILADELPHIA

On the hinged plated attached to the base. It comes with a mahogany carrying case.




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