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Leiberkühn Reflector

Maker Unsigned

Date Late 1800s
Dimensions English Metric
Inner fitting diameter 0.7in 17mm
Outer fitting diameter 1.0in 25mm
Width 2.0in 50mm


This lieberkühn slips onto the objective lens on a microscope. It is a concave metal reflector or mirror that reflects light downward, illuminating an opaque object to be examined. Conventional lieberkühns receive light from the substage mirror and then reflect it downward onto the object on the stage. This reflector is unusual because it appears to be constructed so that light is focused on it from the front or side of the stage and then reflected downward. The lieberkühn is named after its inventor, Johann Nathaniel Lieberkühn, 1711-1756. It comes with a brass box.


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