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Cary/Gould Type Microscope

Maker Charles Chevalier, Paris

Date Circa 1840
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 6.1in 155mm
Main Tube Diameter 1.1in 27mm
Total Height 15.0in 380mm


This brass compound microscope has pillar with a rectangular cross section that screws into a socket on the top of the wooden case. The cylindrical body tube fits into a bayonet-type mount on the arm attached to the pillar. There is one objective lens that screws into the bottom of the tube. There are two, two lens eyepieces, of different magnifications, that slide into the body tube. Focusing is done with rack and pinion that moves the stage up and down on the pillar. The stage has two spring clips for holding slides. Beneath the stage is a revolving disc with five apertures. The plano-concave mirror is attached to the pillar. The microscope comes apart to fit in its mahogany case and was designed to be carried into the field.


The following accessories also fit in the case:

1.      Bulls-eye with articulated arm that fits in a hole on the stage

2.      One bone or ivory slider with specimens mounted between two thin pieces of mica

3.      Small wood box for cover slides

4.      Three small tools with handles two probes and a short knife

The microscope is signed Charles Chevalier    Ingenieur  Opticien Brevet    Palais Royale 163  a Paris" on the top of the body tube.







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