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Zeiss Microscope

Signature Carl Zeiss, Jenna

Date Circa 1900
Number of Objectives 1
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 10.2in 260mm
Main Tube Diameter 1.5in 38mm
Total Height 17.7in 450mm


This brass compound microscope is mounted on a horse shoe base on double pillars. The coarse focus is rack and pinion and the fine focus is a micrometer knob, on top of the limb. The nosepiece and objective lenses are missing. It has a single three lens eyepiece. The original body, inner tube, and eyepiece appear to have been replaced. There is a circular stage with two thumb screws for adjusting slide position. However, the rotating portion of the stage is missing.  The complex substage consists of an Abbe condenser with variable iris diaphragms above and below the condenser. The lower diaphragm assembly can be swung off to one side of the light path, and by a rack and pinion adjustment can be used to provide oblique illumination. The condenser lens may also be swung down and out of the light path. The substage mirror is missing. It is signed Carl Zeiss Jena on the body of the lower diaphragm, but is also identifiable as Zeiss by identical examples in other collections, where the signature is on the front of the body tube.


Two pupils to control illumination.

System folds together.



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