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Culpeper-Style Microscope

Signature Burke & Jones, Bristol

Date Modern Reproduction
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 9.6in 245mm
Main Tube Diameter 2.0in 51mm
Total Height 15.4in 390mm




This reproduction of a Culpeper-style brass compound microscope is fastened to a wooden box base. The three scrolled legs support the body and circular stage. There is coarse focus only, by moving the inner tube up and down in the body tube. There are two unmarked objectives that screw into the end of a long nosepiece, mounted on the bottom end of the inner tube. The two lens Huygenian-type eyepiece screws into the top end of the inner tube. The eyecup has a sliding dust cover. There are no springs to maintain tension between the inner and outer tubes. Illumination is by a concave mirror, attached to the center of the wood base. There is also a bull’s eye lens that mounts on a hole in the stage. The only remaining devices for holding specimens are two substage spring clips. There is a fish plate and a probe that mount in holes on the stage. It is signed “BURKE & JONES  BRISTOL  No. 177” on the body tube. It comes with a pyramidal mahogany carrying case.


Eyepiece is protected by sliding cover.



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