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Leitz Microscope

Maker Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar, Germany

Date 1895
Number of Objectives 2
Dimensions English Metric
Main Tube Length 7.2in 183mm
Main Tube Diameter 1.2in 30mm
Total Height 7.7in 295mm


This compound microscope is mounted on a brass claw-footed base that does not have a pivot. Coarse focusing is done with a rack and pinion and fine focusing is with a micrometer knob on top of the limb. It has a pivoting double nosepiece with two objectives, numbered 3 and 7, that come with their own brass storage cases. The two eyepieces, numbered 2 and 4, are Huygenian-type with two lenses. The tube in which the eyepiece fits has adjustable length and can be drawn out of the body tube, permitting compensation for objectives of different focal lengths. It is marked in centimeter increments, from 15 20. The square stage has a steel top and a brass bottom and there are two spring clips for holding slides. The substage condenser has a lens and an iris. It can be removed and replaced by a holder that has three sizes of stops. Illumination is provided by a plano-concave mirror. The microscope is signed on the body tube E. Leitz   Wetzlar  No. 37814. It has a mahogany carrying case.


Pupil below slide allows for illumination control.



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