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Large Format Camera Lens

Maker Holmes, Booth and Hayden, New York

Date Circa 1857
Dimensions English Metric
Length 11.0in 279mm
Diameter 5.1in 130mm
Aperture Stop





No. 4014 is a Holmes, Booth & Haydens lens of Petzval type design. It is estimated to have been manufactured in 1857, and appears to have been modified later to accommodate Waterhouse Stops. The original lens hood
is present, and the radial drive for focus adjustment is missing. The original usage was likely for producing Daguerreotype portraits on Whole Plate (6.5" by 8.5") in the late 1850s through the 1860s. The modification to include a Waterhouse Stop allows changing the aperture to better control exposure, and would have been more useful as faster photographic processes became more common and replaced Daguerreotypes.

Description courtesy of Gordon Moat. [See other HB&H lenses at]

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